How Cruel We Are?

How Cruel We Are?

Isnt it true?

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List and brief description of various Animal Welfare Organization of India

Animals have, for the times immemorial, been a loyal companion of humankind. They have been our honest, innocent, guileless friends in our journey. We use to associate certain animals with particular qualities and characteristics guving them a certain personality. Be it the dogs who are known for their loyalty or cows who are even revered as a mother in religious society of India or a horse who is known for his agility and speed or even the Lion as the undisputed king pf the whole jungle.

But  in recent years the commercialization and lack of humanity have resulted in mistreatment of animals, disowning the pets who ae no longer beautiful or presentable, even venting out once anger on these innocent companions. Still I believe that there are many human beings who treat them as their companions and friends. Below i am giving description of some of such  organizations:

Help In Suffering (HIS), Jaipur

Sometime Our World is blessed by some highly compassionate people whose kindness, dedication and afection to all encourages us to think that even in today’s commercial world full of money minded people we still have reasons to beleive in humanity. Such a person named
Crystal Rogers was so moved by the plight of animals while on her trip to India, that she decided to open an organisation for animal welfare and this is how Help in Suffering was conceptualised. She first started Animal Friend Shelter in Delhi but later moved to Jaipur and with the hekp of her friends Ajay Tiwarim Lobo’s family and Dr. T. Ramchandani she was able to start this noble organisation with an ideal name Help In Suffering. Founded in 1980, Help in Suffering is a large animal welfare organization run by collective efforts of an efficient team of highly dedicated and experienced members, both volunteers and qualified personnels. This organisation, started on a 2 acres of land in South Jaipur, has grown into a large animal welafre organisation because of the incessant efforts, dedication, determination, and will power of its team members. Under the able supervision of experienced veterinary doctors six separate animal welfare projects are conducted by the team. Apart from rendering the quality treatment to stray animals, it also provides refuge to various unowned animals of different unowned animals of various species.  
How can you Help
1. Adopt a Pet: If you observe closely it says adopt not own. And thats exactly what HIS means. There are numerable dogs and puppies in the HIS premises. Some are very cute, cuddly, kiddish while others are not so and there are even many that are completely opposite, stray dogs with bony structures. It all depends upon your choice that which one you are interested in adopting. But one thing is in common in every dog that is innocence and loyalty. You need to sign an agreement accepting the rules and regulations regarding adoption. While there arent many of the technical and legal jargons it is a simple agreement that aims at assuring the well being of the dogs and to make sure that they are treated with respect care and just like a companion. Again to remind you, in case you might have forgotten, you will Adopt a pet, not Own it.
2. Donation: You can either use Bank Transfer for a quick donation or alternatively you can also send a cheque by snail mail to the organisation. More details and Account Numbers are avaialble on the organisation’s website.
3. Buy Products: The organisation deals in various products and the amount collected is used for animal welfare activities. This way you will be able to contribute your bit to the welfare of these innocent beings while buying yourself some goodies. The organisation deals in bags and pouches, greeting cards and post cards and shoe bags, diaries and fans.
4. Volunteer: You can also devote some of your free time to volunteer for HIS activities. HIS team is highly supportive and dedicated. Just share their passion, dedication, humanity and determination, I am sure it will not only enable you to help your more innocent friends but it will also help in your emotional development making you a more compassionate, more caring and more dedicated human being.
In case you find any stray animal who is in need of some help please call immidiately (avoid emails as these conditions require an immidiate rescue operations and more interactive ways of communication) HIS team. You can contact them at:
Rescue & Rehoming

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Things Never To Say To A Teacher

Things Never To Say To A Teacher.

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Jungles of India

Jungles of India.

A comprehensive account of Indian Wilf\dLife Sanctuaries. Plz read and do comment!

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Kolada: Here resides the Nature!

If you are fed up of rushing, maddening city life, if too much of polluted air has started blocking your lungs and you want to head for some peaceful abode then think no further! Just Go to Kolad! This small beautiful village with its simple hospitable people will embrace you wholeheartedly. Situated in Raigad District of Mahrashtra state, this small village is blessed with various boons of the Mother Nature. The place has a lot on the palate for nature lovers as well as adventurers. One of the main attractions here that will capture your attention is KundalikaRiver. The river is kept ever flowing by the water released by the nearby dams. This perhaps, the fastest flowing river isSouth India, is an ideal location for showing your adventurous skills. It is also a preferred location for White Water River Rafting, the out worldly pleasure of which cannot be expressed in words. Besides a considerable stretch of exciting rapids (whopping 14 kms!) gives you complete 1 and a half hour of he unique experience of white water rafting. The pleasure of river rafting is at its height especially in the monsoons when the water levels are very high. A word of caution though! Rafting, or any water sports for that matter, is not for everybody. You will need a lot of courage and bravery along with the adventurous spirit.

The other activities that might interest you as an avid adventurer are Kayaking, Paragliding, and river crossing. If your fear always gets better of your courage than you should better head for boating as the Rive banks various magnificent natural sceneries full of lush greenery.

Tamhini Hills: As the water baby in you is still an infant, why not head towards another amazing waterfall just near the Kolad. NamedTamhiniFalls, It is a magnificent tourist attraction. Bearing many waterfalls through hilly rocky terrains, it is a place rich in flora and fauna. The tranquility prevailing here also enables you to completely savor in this pristine beautiful feeling of “being here”.

Beautifully surrounded by dense forests and charmed by variety of beautiful birds, it is the best place for bird watchers. Don’t forget your handy cam to capture these “Living Art” of the nature. It is surreal to see this exotic live painting created by the nature itself the magnificent hues of which keep on changing every moment only to enhance the beauty. Though no water sport is available here (thank-ingly as it retains the peace of the place!), swimming is advisable. And the best season again is Monsoon during which the waterfall will take a mighty look.

Ghosala Fort: This architectural wonder of gone by era is another place that will surely make its place in the album of your heart. This magnificent building was constructed in the 16th century for the purpose of coordinating defense activities. Showing the phenomenal architectural skills of ancient Indians this place has got various structures like prison, parapets, stores and chambers. The tourist is instantly impressed by the presence of 2 temples and a darga just in front of the fort.

Kuda: When you have handful (or heart full) of water splashing, you can satiate the historian in you by visiting Kuda. This small village located at splendid hills of janjeera is famous for Buddhist caves. These caves built between 1st to 6th centuries BC were once used as dwellings by the monks. One of the finest examples of Buddhist cave art, these caves will leave you spellbound with their marvelous architecture. The caves have two levels with individual blocks being on the upper level. You can also feat your eyes on stunning views of valley below. A recommendable place indeed.

Gaimukh: You don’t have to guess to know that it is a religious place. You see, Here you are getting an experience of 3 different tours adventurous, archaeological, natural and religious (ooops!! it even amounts to 4) only by visiting one place. Quite economical, isn’t it? Well, GaiMukh is a small village popular for itsOldShivaTemple. You can color yourself with spiritual hues and pay respect to the almighty during 15 day Gaimukh Mela during the occasion of MahaShvRatri. During this periods not only the locals but also the outsiders even those living far away gather here to enhance the charm of the festival. Other places worth seeing here are spring and cave temple that was dedicated to Kuramvars.

Nagothane: Another beautiful place where the life walks with a very steady, beautiful gait and time flows smoothly. The place is famous for “pathemaries” a type of country boats and other small, beautiful boats navigating through the creek. Nagothane is located at the bank of Amba or Nagothana rivulet. Studded with various picnic spots like beautiful Ganesh Mandir, Raigad Ropeway,AlibaugSea face andHot Springs at Udhar, this place is recommendable for family picnic. MusalmanBridge is a magnificent historical monument built in year 1580. Believed to be built by Kaji- Ala_ud-in to facilitate the march of troops from Ahmmed Nagar, treading this centuries year old bridge is an experience that cannot be described by the words.

Tala Fort: Located at the 1000 feet above the sea level in Tara Town at southern bank of Malti Creek, it is a sturdy, fortified building paying tribute to the architecture of yesteryears. Built to watch on the beautiful Rajpuri Stream, this strong building was made in the reign of BhojaRaja in 4th century. The bottom of the hill on which the fort is placed is beautifully bordered by thick woody forests. It was a place of prime importance centuries ago, now it has become a major tourist attraction.

Sutarwadi Lake: This beautiful lake is situated in the backdrop of majestic sahayadris. One can feel the proximity to the nature in the calm and pristine ambience of this place of this stunningly beautiful place. The natural peace here is beautifully accentuated by the chirping of various birds that inhabit it. If solitude is something that bring smile on your face, then you must head for this place. Enjoy the luxuries of the nature that abound here, the chirping of the charming birds that will be more than music to your ears and savor in the beautiful sunrise and sunset that will have an extremely impressive effect on your heart. The Nature itself seems to reside here. Monsoon again has a special role to play here. The Fog, Mist and rain adds vivid hues to this another beautiful “Live Painting”. High hills of Sayahyadri hill also enhances the beauty of this place. Also bring your whole family here but please tell them to maintain and respect the peaceful atmosphere here. No noise making devices (that “shout” instead of sing the songs), if possible, please. Also maintain the cleanliness. That is the best tribute we can pay to the nature.

Kolad: Reach there:
By Air
The nearest Airports are Lohegaon Airport (Pune)(PNQ) (Distance 81 KM); Chatrapati SHivaji International AIrport Mumbai (85 KM); Gandhinagar Airport, Nasik (185 KM); Kolhapur Airport (228 KM). Normally it costs around 2,800 from Mumbai to Kolad in taxi.
By Train:
Roha and Mangaon are 2 nearest railway stations to Kolad at 10 KM and 19 Km respectively (Aerial Distance).
By Bus:
Kolad is well connected with bus with various cities.


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The unexplored beauty of Daman

Daman is a small, beautiful city situated in the unionterritoryofDamanandDiu. Adorned with the uncrowded picturesque beaches and surrounded by tranquil environs this place is ideal for those who want to spend some time away from hustle-bustle of the maddening city life. It is one of the few spots where the time doesnt fly at Jet Speed, it moves smoothly and slowly.

Damanhas got everything to give you the feeling of being on the cloud nine. Spanning the area of 384 square metres from River Auranga in the North to River Agashi or Dantura on the South its history dates back to  1st century AD.Damanhas some splendid tourist attractions to allure you.  Here is the list of the top destinations that you can miss on your own risk!

Fort of Moti Daman: Once home to the portugueses administrators, this highly spectacular and massive  fort was built in 1559. Characterized by its unique polygon shape with over 500 ft. high projections and beautiful architecture, this fort is sure to take you back to bygone royal era. If you are a water baby You can also enjoy submarine boat ride and exotic fish in a newly built hilsa aquarium. Other attractions inside the fort are Governer’s Place with beautifully carved staircase and highly spectacular ornate chandeliers. Highly recommendable for those interested in historical monuments and also advisable for those who like boating.

Jampore Beach: If splashing water is your favorite sport, then go to theJamporeBeach. This sandy beach is family friendly and safe for swimming. The sea shore is beautifully bordered by tall (upto 35 mtrs!) evergreen shrubs and trees known as casuarinas. You surely will have the feeling of being caressed by the mother nature. Walking barefeet on the wet sand of this sublime beach is sure to destress you and feel oneness with the nature. Horse riding is also availbe here. Come here with your family and have a splash!

Fort of Nani Daman: This is another example of architecural excellence. Built on the norethern bank of The River Ganga, this majestically beautiful fort covers an area of 12,500 sq. mtrs. Beautifully guarded by its high walls, the fort has 2 gateways and 3 citadels. One of the most striking sight here is the huge gateway looking at the river with towering statue ofst. Jerome with two giant Human Faces on either side of the gateway. Inside the premises you are welcomed by the beautiful sight of “Our Lady of the Sea”, an imposing church that will captivate your heart and soul. This small but magnificent fort is another jewel in the crown of daman.

DamanGanga Tourist Complex: You are sure to be mesmerized by this beautiful and well facilitated complex where an assortment of various facilities is gathered in one place. It is the perfect spot to eat , enjoy and rejuvenate yourself. Located at Kanchigam Village in Nani Daman, it houses various facilities like Cafeteria, Amphi theater, Health club, Walking path, Island gardens, Cottages, Water fall, Fountains, Conference hall, etc. With so much of options on hand it is perhaps the ideal destination for family picnic. This picturesque place with its facilities  and various water games is surely one of the best photos of your picnic album.


Mirasol Lake Garden: Also known asKadaiyaGarden, It is an excellent example of Man Made wonder.  It is not a natural garden ut an artificial wonder. It has something to offer for everyone be it pristine natural beauty, exotic boat rides, or sumptuous food delicacies. Its natural beauty is also garnished by the contemprory flavors like computer games, toy train etc. The place is beautifully graced by exotic fountains. This place is beautifully encircled by beautiful lake that surrounds the two islands (Daman andDiu) linked by a bridge.

Devka: This amusement Park attractts tons of tiyrist loads from various parts of the world. The place is especially crowded on weekends. Its musical fountain and kids corner are worth seeing. For children they have pony rides available here. Its proximity to various food joints and hotels isalso an added advantage. A word of caution though, there are rough rocky formations beneath he water so be very careful before jumping into the water. However, Those with first aid box and brave heart (and perhaps, iron helmets) dont need to heed the advice!

Going there:


By Air –  Mumbai is the nearest Airport from where the doestic and international flights ae available.

By Rail – Vapi is the nearest Railhead. The distance is just 12 kms. It is on the main  railway line betweenDelhi and Mumbai. Various train stoppage are accessible at vapi. Upon reaching Vapi one can hire a Taxi toDaman that is based on per head basis.

By Road:Daman is connected by Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway No.8 Via Vapi.

The Perfect time: The best time to visit here is between October and May when the weather is cool n pleasant.

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